Hello, I’m Asiel Raphaëlle…
…The gift of the 5 years.

Third child among 4 to my parents in the order of birth, I am the second daughter. Born on 03 August 2013 at the Bethesda Hospital of the Full Gospel Mission in Yaoundé. I am their gift of 5 years of marriage.

Here are the meanings of my first names:

Asiel: “Made by God, Creature of God, Work of God, Created by God”.

(1) Asiel was a prince of Simeon whose descendant Jehu (of whom he is the grandfather) lived under the reign of Hezekiah. (1Ch. 4v35)

(2) Asiel was also one of the five scribes hired by Ezra to transcribe the law. (3) He was an ancestor of Tobit.

Raphaëlle: Comes from the Hebrew name רפאל – , rephā’ēl, from rāphā’ ‘ēl and means “God has healed”.

(1) Raphael is one of the seven “angels who stand before God” and carries before God the prayers of the saints. (cf. Luke 1v19, Rev. 8v2-3)

This page is to make me known.