Hello, I’m Elisa Soraya…
…The marriage gift.

I am the elder daughter to my parents, born on June 10, 2009 at 10:45 am at the Bethesda Hospital of the Full Gospel Mission in Yaoundé. I am my parent’s wedding gift being born 1 year after they got marrried.

Here are the meanings of my first names:

Élisa is the diminutive of Elisabeth which comes from the Hebrew name ‘ĕlı̄shebha’ (Elisheba) which means “God is (my) oath, Oath of God”.

Elizabeth was the wife of Zacharias the priest and mother of John the Baptist (Luk 1v5). Elisabeth herself was of priestly lineage and a “kinswoman” She was also a relative of Marie (Luke 1v36), but we do not know exactly about which degree of relationship it is. She and her husband Zacharias “were both righteous before God”.

Soraya is an Iranian first name meaning “constellation of stars” or “prosperity”.

This page is to make me known.