Emmanuel Fékou

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, blessed love every time.

I feel the desire to share with you my story in connection with this Internet Evangelism work I am doing since early 2000s after a direct order I received from the Lord so that you may understand what I am committed to and the challenges I face with the mission so that you should also understand this vision and run with me if necessary.

╰▶ My birth and my family.

My common name is Emmanuel FÉKOU (born TCHOMGOUO FÉKOU Emmanuel). I was born in Yaoundé on saturday December 31st of the year 1977 at 7 pm, son of FÉKOU Moïse and JOUEGOUO Elisabeth (his wife died at the beginning of July 2007 at the age of 53). I often asked my mom why she had not waited on January 1st, 1978 “to deliver of me” and she answers to me that: “it’s you who was in a hurry to get out. To the question why she and my dad have not registered on my birth certificate that I was born in 1978 in order to avoid me wearing a year for nothing in just few hours, this time, my dad told me:

Manu Bébé a 7 mois

“son, on the day of your birth, the Chief Medical Officer of the Djoungolo Presbyterian Hospital where you were born was surely a God’s fearing person. It was a German, called Dr. Freeman and upon our request to indicate on the birth declaration that you were born in the morning of January 1st, he said: – «I’m not God who wanted this child to be born on December 31st; Since Cameroonian law gives a period of 15 days to establish the birth certificate; You can go and tell them to write the date you want, as for me, I cannot write another one but what is true.»-“

✔ I am the second among 6 children. Become the head since the death of our elder brother in October 2012. I am married to the beautiful Adeline.

Educated in a purely religious context, I acknowledge Jesus as my Savior and make him Lord of my life, deciding to give him the reins of my life on December 26, 1993 in my room after listening to the Gospel in the school playground I attended at that time. I was 16. This decision is the result of a number of events that occurred in my life.

╰▶ My encounter with Christ (My new birth).

✔ I was born in God’s maternity? No, rather in God’s fatherhood on December 26, 1993. Is it not written that: “… to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God, They did not become God’s children by natural means, that is, by being born as the children of a human father; God himself was their Father. “? John 1v12-13. Indeed, it was after having spent 16 years of my life in unbelief and ignorance regarding the relationship with God that… Read more…

╰▶ God’s call on my life.


✔ I discovered the Internet in 1999. As I familiarize myself with the tool and and not knowing anything about the Web development technology, I receive as a direct order from the Lord: To make use of the modern methods of communication to spread the Gospel. In response to that and to materialize the vision, the web site “Cameroon for Jesus was published in 2001 with the purpose to stand as a Christian web portal to Cameroon. It has been online since that year.

✔ I am by the grace of God in charge of Cameroon for Jesus – which is the first Cameroonian Christian website (portal), online since 2001 (never updated since 2008) from which many others services have been released such as: “Bible Sms“, “Prayer Sms“, and “Try God Now to name the few… Read more…

╰▶ My spiritual journey.

✔ Since year 2000, and everiday, I have been using modern communication methods (Internet & Mobile phone) to expose people to the message of the Gospel | Winning them for Jesus | Strengthen them (building them up) in the Faith | Mobilizing for prayer in order to accomplish the Great Commission in my generation and win Cameroon for Jesus.

✔ I worked with some christian’s organizations such as Campus Crusade, TopChretien.com to help deploy theyr digital evangelism strategies… Read more…

╰▶ My academic & professional résumé.

✔ I am a senior technician in Marketing and sales methods, having studied economics, accountancy and commerce both in high school and in the higher education… Read more…

╰▶ What else ?

✔ Apart from the use I make of ICTs for evangelization, I have also released other web projects such as “News From Cameroon“, “I hear Say, and “Invisible Friends“.

✔ I am the founder of an Association called “Objectif Cameroon” which purpose (Vision) is to contribute to a better Cameroon in all respects. In this perspective, we are firmly committed to work for an emerging Cameroon while having people at the center of our concerns… Read more…

╰▶ Distinctions, awards & rewards.

✔ I am blessed and highly favored. All things work together for my good being called according to God’s plan, using even my enemies to fulfil his plans in my life. I am what God says I am. Am working to be faithful to my Lord and master unto death, to receive the crown of life and the glorious life reward promised to those who love him.

Hobbies: I love my family, crafts, visiting people, documentaries and movies.