Educated in a purely religious context, I acknowledge Jesus as my Saviour and make him Lord of my life, deciding to give him the reins of my life on December 26, 1993 in my room after listening to the Gospel in the school playground I attended at that time. I was 16. This decision is the result of a number of events that occurred in my life. Read more…

Very quickly, I also started to testify of my faith in Christ, then, a short time later, I joined a Christian assembly to grow up in my new life in Christ. So here is a little more than 20 years that I’ve been walking with Jesus and I can assure you that it is not the most obvious thing, but he reassured us that he will be with us every day and it is sufficient.

I have always been driven by a burning desire: “to be a vessel of honour, useful in the service of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” From the day I knew the Lord Jesus, the ceaseless cry of my heart was “LORD USE ME, WHAT IS MY ROLE AS MEMBER OF YOUR BODY?” My heart’s desire was to move from a mere “benches warmer” in the church and “a figure” among other to a useful member of the body of Christ in my country, for I had understood that each disciple (Christ’s follower) possesses a ministry (a service, a role to play) in the Church (Body of Christ) and that ministry is chosen/given by God and not by ourselves or by other individuals (Hebrews 5v4).

Emmanuel Fékou

My walk with Christ has never been an easy journey. In 1997, I had my teenage crisis and made shipwreck concerning the faith; which causes me among others setbacks my failure to the A level that year, but by the grace of God and the prayers of brethren, I came back home like the prodigal son in 2000 having started to familiarize with the internet in 1999 in rather fortuitous circumstances. Following my A level failure and the questioning that brought me back to my Lord, I decided the following year (1999) not only to get my degree, but also to find on the internet an opportunity to study abroad having heard about the openings that internet offers. I then began to frequently attend internet cafes, doing a lot of things to achieve my goal until I remained faithful to one which at the time was the cheapest in Yaoundé with an hour of internet connection at 2000 CFA F.

In year 2000, the Lord opened the doors for a job in a computer engineering and I.S.P company in Yaoundé (GCNet). There were only two in Yaoundé at that time. Very soon I am confirmed in my post and retained as a permanent employee. I spent more than 4 years in that company from July 2000 to July 2004, going through the sales department then the technical service.

While I am promoted at the post of Internet café Administrator in that company, I meet several people via internet in particular a French man (Alain MASIERO) who started to train me through internet on how to develop websites (for I was connected every day from 8 am to 8 pm). At the end of this accelerated training on HTML programming language which lasted almost six months, my trainer contact sent me my first book to learn PHP web programming language which was still in its version 3 and offered me my first domain name and a space where I hosted my first personal web site which in fact was the testimony of my conversion. His mission with me being completed, I lost contact with him until this day. I shall understand much later that it was the Lord who had given me that training. That man was certainly there to carry out this precise task in my life for the work I will be called to do later (Internet Evangelism / Online Mission), because for every child of God, nothing is the matter of chance or coincidence, God bringing things together for our good, being Himself the master of times and seasons. I also benefited within the company during all the time that I was there, of an impregnation in almost all the domains of computing (computer’s troubleshooting, network administration and Web programming).

While I complained to God on the fact that my work monopolized too much my time and prevented me from having “a normal Christian life” and be useful for the local church I attended, I received as a direct order from the Lord: “MAKE USE OF ICTs TO EVANGELIZE!” We are in 2001. The idea is still vague in my mind; as I shared it with brothers around, they encouraged me in that. In response to that “order” from the Lord and to materialize “the vision”, I thought a web site would be the ideal thing to do but what will be the main idea of that web site and how will I call it? That web site will enable to evangelize the non-Christians, but also to build-up the Christians and should not belong to a particular Church group. I decided to name it “Cameroon for Jesus” which had to be the Christian web portal of Cameroon.

The first version of the web site is created out of many others Christian web sites already online and published in a free space under at the address I had quite everything at my disposal within the company (Computers and permanent, unconditional and high-speed Internet connection) to do my online evangelism work.

Faced with this created web site, the company decides to move me to the technical service, website development section where I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge in web design and designed several Web sites on behalf of the company.

In May, 2002, “Cameroon for Jesus” is published in a Swiss Christian magazine called “L’AVENEMENT”; following that publication, Estelle Martin (internet manager at Megaphone at that time) who wrote it suggested in June of the same year to support the web site by paying for the domain name and its hosting. It was renewed this year again for the 16th year. This is an opportunity to give thanks to God for her.

I spent two years in this company working on nothing else than the development This situation allowed me to go back to school and obtain a commercial BTS (TWO-YEAR TECHNICAL DEGREE) by attending evening classes.

✔ Between July 2001 and July 2003, after completing the development of the portal, I had a strong conviction in my heart that the purpose for which I had been admitted in that company has been achieved and I had to resign and devote myself to the deployment of the portal and internet evangelism in the Church of Cameroon. Though I understood this, I found it difficult to accept such a thing. I had a well-paid job; registered to the Social Security. Is this really the voice of the Lord that I perceive in my heart, could it really be God asking me such a thing? To resign, yes, but what for? How to leave my comfort zone; leave my dreams and personal ambitions for an adventure towards the unknown being it with God? Is this really God talking to me or am I a victim of my personal fantasies? Resign from a job that God himself has given me? And if I leave this company where I have everything (computers, internet and a salary) with what will I work for this virtual evangelization and what shall I live on? However, I had no peace of heart. This voice inside me kept insisting. Then ensued between me and myself a very intense inner conflict. (I was 25 years old at this time.)

I understood that I had to dedicate myself at first to the Christian Portal that was growing very fast. But what will I work with? I do not have a personal computer and I have in this company all that it is necessary to work. I said to the Lord. But I had no peace in my heart. This voice inside me kept insisting. YOU HAVE TO RESIGN!

Certainly this is not God’s voice I hear in the depths of me I thought. I seek for advices around me, I talked with friends and brother, they all told me the same thing, it is up to me to discern the voice and decide what should be done.

“Father you know my ambitions, on what I am going to live if I leave this job” I cried out to God… TOTAL SILENCE… All kind of questions spurt out of my head and my mind. I found every kind of reasons not to obey God. Father (I prayed) you’re the one who gave me this job, so far I have everything I need plus a monthly salary for the work I believe I received from you. If I leave this job, I will not have neither a computer nor free internet connection and above all, no more income. No, this cannot be YOU, I concluded.

I read testimonies and biographies of those who in the past were in the same situation. Among others “The Boldness of the faith” George MÜLLER’s biography, “Breakthrough, crossing forbidden borders” – Rudi Lack, “Come Help Change the World” – BILL BRIGHT (founder of Campus Crusade), “A man and his God” – Denis LANE, “The heroes of faith” – Orlando BOYER. I look for loophole. After all, I agreed on the principle to resign without doing it. I knew a peace in my heart.

Certainly it is a personal fantasy. I lend any sorts of ideas to God who remained silent since. I wrote my letter of resignation, but was not able to give it.

I told to Father that, if all this is of him, He shall give me three computers, two desktop and a laptop, a scanner, a printer, in short what I need to work with. (All this happens between April and December 2003)

✔ In early 2002, the Lord had already given me a Pentium I desktop through a brother here. It was my very first computer. I also had at that time received a scanner from a friend from Switzerland. The way the Lord gave me these things even before I even prayed for amazed me.

✔ In December 2003, I am part of the organizing committee of the “Bible and Christian literature week” (SEBILIC 2003) held in Yaoundé from the 7th to the 14th December of that year. The strong desire of my heart is to have a stand to talk about internet evangelism. I was eager to invite Eric CELERIER (Founder of Top Chretien – for the occasion and he accepted the invitation. We both had to expose and hold conferences on the potential of Internet for churches and evangelism. I made a prayer to God. “Give, please, a Word to Eric for in regard what I think you told me.” Eric arrives and during his stay, we shared on many things. We talked about commitment, the full time service of God, the necessity of sometimes give up everything for a specific task to which God calls us. He shared his own experience with me on how he launched the “Top Chrétien”. Eric gave me a laptop and went back to France. This same period, I got a computer and a printer from a brother. WAOW God answered my prayer. I have in my possession all I asked. It’s up to me now to honour my commitment. But I still have a prayer topic. “Father this is very awesome, but how will I have the internet connection?” I’m afraid to draw his wrath on me. Definitely, isn’t obedience is more important than anything?

✔ In January 2004, I told all my friends and colleagues that March will not find me in the company and that my letter that I wrote in July of the previous year will be given. January, February, March, April… nothing is done. I still have not given my resignation letter. In May 2004 we had a salary shortage in the company… a situation we never experience since I’ve been there. I’m still here until October. I continue to come to the office although perceiving any more salary since the month of May. I argue in myself. “The Lord is surely pushing me out himself out because I refused to resign.”

I left Yaoundé to Douala in order to find a job there. All my efforts are of no avail. I am told that, with the kind of CV I have, and with my competences and professional experiences in the field of IT, I should certainly find a good job. But all my efforts to find a job were useless.

✔ In February 2005 the company calls us to give us letters of business discontinuances (to tell us that the company is closing).

I return to Yaoundé in April 2005, I am confused and disorientated, I have no savings. In my frantic and wild desire to have a remunerative work at all costs, I find myself in Mbalmayo as an intern on behalf of a Guinness products wholesaler until January 31st, 2006. I am convinced of sin. God calls me to his work and I what I better do is selling Guinness products? I left the company in early November, for not being at peace with myself. I found myself as “compelled to obey” the Lord’s order. So I made up my mind to take the step into the unknown… with God.

I went back to my father’s house with thousands questions to God, I asked why and I wanted to understood why and how of things, what is happening to me. What I feared is now happening to me. I have no job, no income, nothing and I do not know what would have happened if I had resigned from the company and I will never know anyway, because I never resigned. I find myself fully involve in the management of the web site because this is the only occupation that I have at hand. I spend most of my time reading, studying and meditating the word of God, praying and working on the website.

✔ In December 2005 the Holy Spirit reminded me that I have to leave my father’s house to trust Him. He provided enough for what to rent an apartment and between February 2006 and February 2008; I rented an apartment in Yaoundé without any income. During those two years, I experienced the faithfulness of God, for without any source of income. The Lord provided in various ways.

During these two years many things happened. Between August and September 2006, I had an internship in the marketing department of CAMTEL where the commercial team to which I belonged realizes a turnover of F.CFA 13 million. It was said that we may be retained as temporal workers in the company. That was the case for all the members of the group except me.

✔ In March 2007, I suffer a visa refusal from the consulate of France following an invitation of Top Chrétien to have a stay in their premises in order to think on the development of Top Chretien in French-speaking Africa.

In July of that same year, I am subject to another visa refusal this time by the German Consulate to attend the Global Christian Internet Alliance conference doubled with the death of my mom on the same day.

✔ In December 2007, Eric Célérier visited Côte d’Ivoire and it was said that I should come join him there. This time, I got a visa, but on the day of departure, there were no flight between Yaoundé and Abidjan.

I leave the apartment I rented in February 2008 because I was about to get married (without any savings nor source of income) I was saying to myself: “Since the Lord has provided for my rent and my needs for 2 years, I must save anything I may have between March and August 2008 for my wedding which is scheduled for 08/08/2008.” I went to live with a brother (not to go back to my father’s house anymore). I stayed there until the evening of 07/08/2008.

✔ Between March 2008 and June 2008, I have no money coming in. How will I finance my marriage? When we got married, I didn’t know what and where my wife and I were going to live. Once more, I experienced God’s provision; from almost nothing to two months of the marriage, it only took a month to get everything needed. The Lord has provided everything.

We got married; another season and another level of adventure began. Today, we are parents of 4 children; we experience God’s favour on a daily basis, having never lacked anything.

In 8 years of marriage, we have never paid a rent in Yaoundé and are at our 3rd house. All my family and I are, we owe it to God and to the circumstances He brought together for us, so “may I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.” (Galatians 6v14)

I cannot write every step of this journey, they are so many that I can only tell some. However, I make it a duty to update this page very often or to hold a regular newsletter.

You probably would not miss any episode of every season of our adventures with the Lord; you only have to send an e-mail and ask for subscription to the newsletter. You can also be part of our adventures being our ministry partner. May the Lord richly bless you as you stay in touch with us.